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Retail isn’t an easy world. We get it. We’ve been there, done that, and put in the work. We understand the challenges you’re facing because we’ve walked in your shoes and felt those struggles first-hand.

We’re a diverse band of specialists and experts with roots in retail who have a desire to transform the industry through technology.

We’re not developers hawking hardware or one-and-done consultants. We are full-service partners who leverage dynamic digital technology – anchored in our history in retail, a deep understanding of the CPG landscape, and experience in advertising – to help brands and retailers maximize their visibility and drive revenue growth.

The Dart Advantage
Powerful on their own but unstoppable together. Our tools enhance brand visibility, overcome inventory hurdles, build connections with customers and drive sales.
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In-Store network

One-size-fits-all never really fits all. Why should your in-store digital media presence be any different? Creating an authentic shopping experience that connects with customers and fuels sales begins with understanding the specifics of your stores.

We audit your environment, plan the solution, and install and service the equipment. Our goal is to help you deliver the right messaging at the right time in the right location to nurture customers along their purchase journey.

Team of retail experts

Audit, installs & service

Provides content strategy, development, & production customized to your needs

Offers real-time content updates with A/B testing support

Delivers near real-time analytics & reporting

Utilizes durable digital signage designed for retail environments

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Your Inventory Management with Ai

Products that can’t be found are products that won’t be bought. If shoppers can’t easily find what they need in your store, they’ll go somewhere else.

Meet Magic Eye, your new AI-powered stock manager. Live visuals and real-time data about on-shelf items make it easy to identify inventory issues and overcome “shelf blindness” – know when and how long your products aren’t on-shelf. Understand sales dips and lifts so you can optimize your supply chains, and create effective logistics and replenishment strategies that boost business and keep customers coming back.

An On-Demand
Army of Retail Pros

You need people, we’ve got people. We built our name on digital tech, but we’ve got your back when you need to build a team, too. No matter the situation, our diverse pool of hand-picked talent is ready to jump into action. From inventory and merchandising support to seasoned retail-tech pros, we’ve got you covered.

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